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Ovide Arino

24 April 1947 - 29 September 2003

Ovide Arino was a mathematician working on delay differential equations. His field of application was population dynamics. He was a quite prolific writer, publishing over 150 articles in his lifetime. He also was very active in terms of student supervision, having supervised about 60 theses in total in about 20 years. Also, he organized or coorganized many scientific events. But, most of all, he was an extremely kind human being, interested in finding the good in everyone he met.

We have collected here a list of his works and some other items. For those of us who knew him, this will serve as a little reminder of the person he was. For others.. well, you will find some interesting bibliographic references about delay equations and population dynamics.

Here is a list of publications of Ovide. It might not be complete. There also is a list of the theses he directed. And some photographs.

Several activities have been organized in memory of Ovide.